Tuesday, July 29, 2008


I figured that title might get a few extra hits from Google. Here in L.A. the same thing happens with the news whether it is a few sprinkles and we have STORM WATCH 2008 (Camera shows a puddle with drops of rain hitting it), a hillside fire, FIRESTORM WATCH 2008 (Stock footage of Malibu fire) or a trembler that knocks some cans and jars off some store shelves, EARTHQUAKE WATCH 2008 (Concerned newsreader asking, "How will the aftershocks affect YOU? We'll tell you at ten!"

Don't want to sound blase' concerning tragedies but after a certain point...

Even Reuters has this story listed on their website as, "reuters.com/article/latestCrisis/idUSN29374340"

Anyway. My story for EARTHQUAKE WATCH 2008 is:

I was pushing by hand a 4 wheeled cart loaded with paper (I work at a printing shop) across a blacktop parking lot and I missed the earthquake. The only vibrations I felt were from the loaded cart and I was traveling in the same direction the quake was going. That is, from east to west.

When I came through the door into the shop all the hanging fluorescent lamps were swinging and I thought, "This load isn't that heavy to cause that much vibration." - Once again proving I'm always right! -

I'm located around 50 miles from the quake's epicenter and from talking with those that felt it there was a rolling sensation such as one would feel on a road with several close small hills and valleys. Sometimes there are sharp jolts as a corduroy dirt road might give you but today's was not one of those.

P. S. My daughter missed it too. She was at her work.

Update: Wifey-poo missed it too. - Hey that rhymes!!!

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