Friday, October 31, 2008

Does Snow in London and Global Warming Mix?

Apparently the answer to the question is a resounding, "Yes!".

from by Andrew Orlowski / 29th October 2008 12:35 GMT

Snow fell as the House of Commons debated Global Warming yesterday - the first October fall in the metropolis since 1922. The Mother of Parliaments was discussing the Mother of All Bills for the last time, in a marathon six hour session.

I think God does this sort of thing to get a laugh. Do you think those inside the building cared about the unseasonable weather? (That is a rhetorical question.)

Of course not.

The bill creates an enormous bureaucratic apparatus for monitoring and reporting, which was expanded at the last minute.

One of the problems with the Global Warming Crowd is that they will take this unseasonable snow in London and say, "See! Global Warming is causing wide swings in the weather!" not, "Gosh! Weather changes from year to year."

We cannot win against such ridiculous reasoning as theirs.

But it does appear that the strangle hold the Global Warming Fanatics is loosening.

Recently the American media has begun to notice the odd incongruity of saturation media coverage here which insists that global warming is both man-made and urgent, and a British public which increasingly doubts either to be true. 60 per cent of the British population now doubt the influence of humans on climate change, and more people than not think Global Warming won't be as bad "as people say".

Perhaps all we need now is a way to make the Global Warming Idiots have to pay for the entirety of their plans to play God and control the weather. If we manage to remove taxpayer dollars from the equation they will find themselves digging into their own pockets and that will last how long? (another rhetorical question....)

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