Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Does Portions of Our Government Have Our Best Interest at Heart?

Jim Kouri has posted on American Daily Review an article titled, Cyber Threats and Vulnerabilities Continue

In his commentary/post Jim Kouri states:

Cyber threats to federal computer systems and cyber-based critical infrastructures are evolving and growing. These threats can be unintentional and intentional, targeted or non-targeted, and can come from a variety of sources, such as foreign nations engaged in espionage and information warfare, criminals, hackers, virus writers, and disgruntled employees and contractors working within a targeted organization.

Moreover, these groups and individuals have a variety of attack techniques at their disposal, and cyber exploitation activity has grown more sophisticated, more targeted, and more serious. As government, private sector, and personal activities continue to move to networked operations, as digital systems add ever more capabilities, as wireless systems become more ubiquitous, and as the design, manufacture, and service of information technology have moved overseas, the threat will continue to grow.

I had to comment and since I type my diatribes slowly I thought to bring my comment here to get more bang for my buck...

I'm a cynic and as a result when I read government names such as "Comprehensive National Cybersecurity Initiative" I instantly ask, "How much graft and corruption is going on there?" So I Googled, Comprehensive National Cybersecurity Initiative (no quotes) and the first hit took me to the website for it... Comprehensive National Cyber Security Initiative: Leap-Ahead Security Technologies
(+$5 million)

After reading about it from their website I could see that such a wing of our government could, if run by ethical people, have a benefit to the security of our nation and be in line with the Constitution. You know. The part that says government's purpose is to protect U.S. citizens.

Looks to me like the NIST program could do it's job and do it well IF politicians stay out of it's way. According to this Wired story ... What’s Up with the Secret Cybersecurity Plans, Senators Ask DHS Sens. Joe Lieberman (I-Connecticut) and Susan Collins (R-Maine) asked questions that I think, if answered, might give cyber terrorists and criminals new directions for hacking that they otherwise may have been ignorant of or ignored.

There does need to be oversight but not at the expense of security.

Pryinng1 sez: If the politicians try to micromanage this department all bets are off regarding it's effectiveness.

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