Monday, December 26, 2011

I'm NOT a 99 Percenter!

I just can't understand why the socialistic outfits are allowed to continually use the term '99 Percenters' with impunity. To be honest I have only met one of these jokers face to face and he wanted to include me in his troop with that number. I called him on it.

I also asked him, since both the American Nazi Party (AKA National Socialist party) and the Communist Party USA were both backing the Occupy movement, which group he belonged to and was paying him for his work. I finally had to assume that he was a college 'student' and his parents were supporting him. He wouldn't answer me as to where his financing came from. He probably didn't know.

Anyway, What started this tirade is I get email messages from Katrina vanden Heuvel,
Editor & Publisher of The Nation magazine, a socialist rag that continually begs for 'Mo Money' and she had the audacity to write, "We were thrilled to see the emergence of the Occupy Wall Street movement right here in our backyard of downtown Manhattan. While the mainstream media initially reacted with snark and cynicism, The Nation was quick to recognize the power and appeal of this uprising of the 99 percent."

Now she has to realize that the 99% refers to only those who are not uber-rich and the 1% are the uber-rich. She also MUST know that NOT all of the 99% that are NOT part of the top 1% with big bucks in their pocket are in favor of the occupy whatever group. I'm not for one and of all my friends (few though they be) there might be a couple that favor the movement. Sure not many But whether a few or a lot the number, 99%, is a lie!... SO she is LYING when she uses that number and is doing so in order to get money. After all, the little letter said nothing of value to anyone. All it said was how wonderful The Nation Magazine is and to send them money.

Oh well... What did I expect. I am on their email list voluntarily. I thought to get the emails from them in order to stay on top of what he enemy is up to. So I can see that they are up to the same old thing. Lying and begging.

Like that is really a productive way to live a life.