Wednesday, June 22, 2005

The Answer for GITMO!

I've blogged on this before. The problem with detainees in the war against terror. Some questions are: Where do we hold them? Under what circumstances? For how long and how do we treat them.

Dennis Prager has invited Amnesty International onto his show and they have refused to go on. Amnesty International does go on shows where they are given the microphone with no opposition to their diatribes. Amnesty International makes it's motives suspect as a result of this and ALL they say is subject to intense scrutiny with a very critical eye. Liberals that love the truth should now turn from Amnesty as a source of their criticisms of the handling of the war on terror. Especially since the info they continually feed us is influenced by murderous, religious, fanatical terrorists. I believe they have removed themselves from the discussion through their obvious use of 'mis-information' designed to put forth their agenda, whatever that may be.

The idea of closing GITMO is nonsense. These detainees are not members of poetry and garden clubs. They must be kept somewhere and they are being detained because they are willing to commit murder on a daily basis. It would be inhumane to release these men. They will be out butchering people with impunity. Bringing them to the States would be tantamount to the Mariel Boatlift seeing 800-900 Cuban criminals coming to the shores of the U.S. Once they made it on our shores it would be only a matter of time before the bleeding heart liberals would be screaming for their release into our nation's streets. Don't tell me they wouldn't. Liberals ARE that stupid.

Under what circumstances should we be detaining these thugs? It is because they are thugs that we are detaining them. How do we treat them? Had it been my choice they would not be treated as well as they are. These characters are being treated much nicer than they deserve as far as I'm concerned.

~~~~~ prying1 sez: ~~~~~
Leave 'em at Gitmo until the end of the war on terror. That war will end when the terrorists are defeated, killed, and no longer blowing up pizza parlors. The left would be serving their own stated agenda by encouraging their talking heads to encourage terrorists to cease hostilities as opposed to making blanket statements against the U.S. and encouraging the terrorists to continue...

Please check Sailor in the Desert's post on Gitmo. Start disseminating the truth. Liberals lie for what??? - Just to TRY to show Bush as a bad person because their boy (and girl) is famous for lying. Lying is BAD! Tell a lib today to face the truth instead of covering it with blankets of lies...

In the comments I would appreciate liberal commenters to stick to suggestions as to what they feel should be DONE re: GITMO... Please avoid restating allegations on our treatment of terrorist detainees that have no basis in truth. We have heard it already and reject it.