Sunday, September 18, 2005

How about this for a solution?

It seems that spam, fraud and phishing emails are on the rise recently. The amount of monies stolen through this means of conning people cannot really be calculated because often times people that are taken to the cleaners will not report the crime due to embarrassment. I propose that we set up a world wide clearing house to stop this type of activity.

Initially I thought we could run it through the U.N. (I'm including you in on this 'cause I don't want all the credit) but on second thought "Old Kofi" (whom nobody seems to want to fire) would probably have his son running the show so perhaps we should use INTERPOL.

Here is the scenario. A tried in absentia and proven spammer is sitting before his computer. The system is suddenly taken over by INTERPOL through remote access. A smiley face comes on the screen and says, "For a good time put your face real close the screen!" A signal goes out to a killer satellite and before the spammer has a chance to stand up from his chair (if he decides to not put his face close to the screen) a laser beam cuts through the ceiling and fries his system and any electronics within 10 feet. Hopefully he won't be set up in the basement of a 10 story apartment...

Hmm. That could be a problem. OK. I guess that won't quite work without a few safeguards. Last thing INTERPOL needs is a bassinet or Pop's easy chair in the way.

The real reason for this post is because I've been getting pretty much the same phishing emails for eBay passwords from apparently - Germany, Thailand and China. The links lead to the same page supposedly at - - (nonexistent per Google and browser bar) and since the 13th of Sept. eBay and assorted phish/scam fighting sites have given me NO return to my many emails telling me why.

??? Hmmm... ???

prying1 sez: -
Perhaps INTERPOL has already started a program and this is part of it. I might be interfering with an ongoing investigation and thereby be subject to arrest. Or worse yet. They might decide to stop my interference with one of their lasers. Excuse me for ending this post before I'm really finished. I have a baseball cap I'm going to cover in tinfoil and I need to get it done real quick...