Thursday, September 22, 2005

Just Peachy!

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The New York Post has a story by Deborah Orin (registration required) that has the catchy title, "IF THAT DON'T BEAT AL". My comments will be in blue. All the rest will be quotes from the Post article. -

AS SEN. Hillary Clinton ratchets up her attacks on President Bush, some Democrats think they smell an explanation: the threat of a 2008 Al Gore presidential bid that could come at her from the left on Iraq. - Smell? Is that the proper word to use concerning our former V.P.??? -

The former vice president is suddenly re-emerging as a vocal and visible Bush-basher - he's slated to star at a Democratic National Committee fund-raiser for big donors in Washington next Tuesday. - Bush bashing is very popular amongst the ultra rich liberals that would rather give their money to politicians than Katrina victims. -

"He's keeping a very strong public profile. He was the first major Democrat to oppose the Iraq war. He's keeping in touch around the country and doing a lot of speeches. You don't do all that if your goal is to play celebrity golf," says a Democratic fundraiser. - How about if your goal is to fill your pockets with something other than golf balls. -

A top Dem strategist adds: "Americans love comebacks and Gore could come back as a real human being instead of a wooden guy. He could come back as the new Nixon - somebody who went into the wilderness and found himself." - Now let me get this straight. The lefties are now saying Nixon was a "Real Human Being"? AND they want to compare Gore to him? AND they admit Gore is a "Wooden Guy" that needs to change appearances. Which does not mean he must really get a 'heart of flesh' but just appear to do so? Now this is the Real LeftWorld uncovered (again). -
Would Gore really run against his ex-boss's wife? Way too early to know. - I'll bet he would if he knew he could rake some dough in! I mean really! Would Gore have distanced himself from Monica's boyfriend in his losing run had he any real loyalty to others. What loyalty does he have besides to his own selfish ambitions? -
- prying1 sez:
There is little doubt in my mind that the Democrats must start getting honest with themselves and the rest of the country. Do Democrats really want the Move-On Dot Org and Michael Moore crowd running the country? (Please SERIOUSLY consider the outcome before answering that. - Imagine Michael Moore stepping out on the front porch of the White House and saying, "OK folks! Here's the way it's gonna be!") If so ALL Democrats should step forward and claim what they stand FOR and not just rant against Bush. I have not heard an Anti-Bush speech say anything new for a coons age. The rhetoric is tired.

- Do we really want Socialised Medicine where the government runs ALL aspects of our health care? Vote for Hillary!
- Do we want a Neville Chamberlain type to stand back and watch terrorists regrow their organizations? Vote for Gore.
- Do Democrats want to see socialists continue to lead their party away from JFK's ideals? Just stay seated.

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