Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Search Engines and Blogging

Just stopped by and checked some of the records they keep. One thing they do is keep track of some of the ways visitors are referred to my pages. For example I could see that my posting called Katrina Pics pulls up one of my posts quite often. Sorry to all the visitors. All I did was link to aka.alias and mentioned that there were some Katrina pics there but The Photo Album had some really beautiful pics. I Hope they check out some of the photographs there. Much prettier than Katrina Pics...

My post on the scam called the Rife Bare Cancer treatment gets a couple hits a month. - I hope it keeps some people from wasting their money and may the perps starve for lack of customers...

Terri Schiavo is one of the main news items I've blogged about that people look for through various search engines. I've a few post concerning her and the ungodly way she was murdered and I guess some of the search engines still have me near the top concerning her.

AOL search has me third in line for the word Muslum. I had some joker tell me I misspelled the word. All I can say is that I can show him books from the last century where they were called musselmen. (I believe it was pronounced Moo-sell-men at the time.) So the name is not written in stone. I replied to him that I was spelling it the right way for the next century. - - He was not amused. - - I'll keep on spelling it the way I want to. I'm self centered that way.

A couple of posts I did on toilets - 1 - and - 2 - Get hits from the term Toilet Humor being typed into the searchers. Looking back on one of those posts I see that Yahoo has removed the pages and the pics are no longer available. - Guess next time I'll save the pics and upload them to Ranchoweb. - Be sure to click on number 2 above and save to favorites for a slow day. Quite a wonderful read. Really funny stuff!

Sometimes it is obvious what the person is looking for. 'Katrina Pics' is a perfect example of that. I've got to wonder what the visitors from 'Toilet Humor' searches are really looking for.

As for one recent searching visitor who came through Yahoo's engines I'm not even going to speculate the motives. At least not for too long. Why would anyone type in - 'eBay Auctions Spankings' - ??? - Oh well! The prying1 blog placed number 10 on the list. Whoo Hoo! Just wish they had left a comment. Maybe my post just wasn't what they expected or hoped for...

prying1 sez - Check the sitemeter link at the bottom of the page if you would like to get an idea of where your traffic comes from. - It can be entertaining and it is free.