Saturday, February 19, 2005

Cancer Cure or Scam? - It is a Scam!

I would encourage all who read this post to go to Allthings2all and read his entire column on this subject. Please email your friends the link to his page. This is one of those things that truly disgust me. People being taken advantage of in a time when they are most vulnerable. I'm speaking here of what is known as the Rife Bare cancer treatment.

From Allthings2all:

Since October 2002 James Bare has no longer been permitted to sell Rife Bare devices to those living in the USA. He does however still sell an instruction manual. There are clinics noted for their use of the Rife Bare method in different countries, including the UK, Mexico, and New Zealand. They are often visited by cancer patients who are not wanting to undergo rigorous mainstream cancer therapies, or who have not responded well to previously tried treatments. Many travel from other countries to the Mexico clinic in particular, including some who cross the border from the USA.


Despite the obviously false claims made by Rife Bare, practitioners continue to promote it as a cancer therapy. Not only are they scientifically incorrect, but ethically their claims are highly questionable. Rife Bare therapy is expensive and does not hold up to the scrutiny of quite basic scientific knowledge. In my opinion its practitioners take advantage of those who are seriously or terminally ill. My purpose in discussing it here is to provide an honest and accurate assessment. Like me, you may know of people who consider using Rife Bare, or may consider using it yourself. It is difficult to be honest when I know that there will be those who are looking for an alternative treatment to put their hope in. Yet if that is your position I advise against spending the money, time and energy on this therapy - it doesn't work.

prying1 sez:

It should be obvious to people that if radiowaves and frequency generators are going to be aimed into your body the waves will not have the ability to differentiate between good cells or bad cells. If it kills one it will kill the other. My guess is it will kill neither. All the user will get is a higher electric bill...

If a person feels so inclined to do a Google search it shows 61,500 hits for - Rife Bare - and 6,830 hits for - Rife Bare scam -