Monday, November 07, 2005


No. Not the kind nuns wear. The kind that have you doing things without really thinking about it.

When I get home from work I take off my work shoes just inside the front door. I then slide my feet into a pair of comfortable slippers. Ahhh! Much better.

Tonight after I got home and ate dinner I went to drop a couple packages off at the LAX Post Office. I think it is the only Post Office in the world that stays open until 11:00 o'clock at night. Anyway, I decided to just keep my slippers on because I wasn't planning on seeing anyone I hoped to impress. Not that my work shoes would impress them.

Got home from there and what did I do? I took off my slippers and put on my work shoes.

It was close to an hour later that I realized my feet did not have that 'Ahhh!' feeling that lives inside the slippers. Another few moments of scratching my pate to realize what had happened.

Then I started to think about how many other times in my life I've let habits carry me away from where I should be. Too many to enumerate and many times it would be too embarrassing to recount the full stories. One thing I have found though is that in spite of it all I have a way to get back on track.

Someone, you see, whom I met years ago, has been a closer friend than a brother. He is always one up on me and is always willing to help me get back on track. Although he finds my behavior repugnant at times he still sticks with me. He promised me he would never leave me nor forsake me.

Some of you reading this have guessed already because you too have met this same friend. Funny how he gets around. Little did I know when I invited Jesus into my heart in January of '71 that 34 years later I would still feel the same sense of awe that the story is true. He died for my sins. He rose again. He is still alive!!!