Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Con Artist Caught

- 9 AUG 08 had a hit from N. Las Vegas via a Yahoo Search for David Napstead - PLEASE - Leave a comment if you would. -


Last October I posted a blog on a con artist called "David Napstead". Typing the name into search engines brought up my post. AND a site from Kentucky saying he was on parole from that fair state. I had a few hits a week on the name mostly through Google and Yahoo search engines. I was able to watch the hits through Site Meter. It showed where the hits were coming from and I encourage you, Dear Reader, to get Site Meter. Quite a handy Blog tool!

One Google search for the name David Napstead was from New Zealand. How'd That Happen?

On my post I encouraged people reading it to comment on his whereabouts. A few did.

Wasn't until this evening that the message came through that The Wynn in Las Vegas was where the fun stopped for 'David'. I will recommend The Wynn as a place in Vegas that does not put up with nonsense. Something 'David' should have known.

Guess he didn't watch enough TV...

Update: - Comments have a way of disappearing so I thought I'd bring them up into the post itself. -

Comments follow:
Good post.
mild mannered reporter | Homepage | 12.09.05 - 5:44 am | #

Another thought. Good work on tracking this guy. A lot of criminals go to Las Vegas to blend in and scam, but Las Vegas has cameras everywhere. Good for Las Vegas. Take care.
mild mannered reporter | Homepage | 12.09.05 - 5:49 am | #

Seems to me if I were a crook Vegas is tha last place I'd go. I imagine there is more communication between the casinos than we know. The casinos want the money and are not about to share it with small time hoodlums.
prying1 | Homepage | 12.09.05 - 11:18 am | #

Casinos have some of the most high tech security available and they always update it and hire top quality people to man it.

Besides that they don't tolerate much nonsense.

Our friend should have stayed somewhere less watched
Ted Richardson | Homepage | 12.10.05 - 1:20 am | #

What do you mean "OUR" friend?
prying1 | Homepage | 12.10.05 - 10:15 pm | #