Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Security Issues in America

Political Nut posted a piece called "Security Issues in America" I wanted to post a comment but unfortunately to comment on his blog a person has to be a team member.

So I figured to get my two cents in I'd bring a touch of his post and my comment here. But then I saw that for my comment to have it's impact I needed his entire post. Both sorry and thanks Political Nut. Please open your comments to the general public and/or supply an email address.

- quote - House Democrats issued a statement that the Homeland Security Department has not met expectations. They cite that the department has not met 33 of its own goals including upgrading specific types of targets and the streamlining of communications between agencies.

It is necessary that the American Public gets a report on the progress of the HSD. But do we need the specifics such as types of sites that are vulnerable. Isn't that making terrorists' jobs easier by allowing them to focus on those types of sites. Knowledge is a powerful tool, but it is also one that can be very dangerous. - end quote -

My comment:

Yesterday I was standing in front of a store when a young lady with her 9-10 year old son drove up. They got out of the car and as they neared me the boy said, (real loud) "Mom, You didn't lock your car door."

Then the boy looked at me.

I said, "Now the whole world knows."

I hope the boy learned a lesson and does not grow up to be like the House Democrats.