Friday, December 30, 2005

Gotta Wonder

I can't figure it out. A friend on Ranchoweb's Discussion Board mentioned that her daughter gave her some 'new versions' of some perfume" and they are nowhere near the originals!"

I had to ask, "You mean to say these perfume outfits change formulas without telling people?"

Evidently so.

I never hear commercials on perfume saying NEW and IMPROVED like I do soap commercials.

The way I figure it Tide is so NEW and IMPROVED by now that dirt shouldn't even exist!

I remember it was NEW and IMPROVED when Jack Bailey was hosting

Queen for a Day!

Tide commercials have continually been 'Shouting' at us (oops, different product.) that this stuff is better today than it was yesterday. So when is perfection reached? Day after tomorrow?

I guess the perfume manufacturers don't like to boast. Otherwise they would tout the NEW and IMPROVED line.

My friend at Ranchoweb prefers the original formula. Maybe that is why they don't boast, "NEW and IMPROVED".

Which makes me wonder how long can a SALE go on? (Don't ask the connection, I can't figure it out either)... I've heard there are government regulations on SALEs but never checked Legends on it. It seems to me that you cannot pass a mattress store or a furniture store without seeing the SALE banner out front. Some of those banners are looking shabby from age.

There is something you won't see selling big on eBay.

"Slightly used 'SALE' banner only used once"

- Yeah, for five years! -

I have to wonder if soap commercials and mattress/furniture sales (What the hell, lets throw in used car salesmen and lawyers) are not the reason behind the cynicism and the 'what the hell' attitude in America these days.

Lord know I've got it and I want to blame someone for it besides Mom.