Thursday, April 13, 2006

Iraq WILL be Rebuilt

SBS Radio from Australia has an interview by Nic Perpitch with Hassan Janabi, an Iraqi Australian. Hassan, who until recently headed up the marshland restoration project, previously worked for the Sydney Catchment Authority. He is now an advisor for the company in charge. - Iraq's reconstruction project includes a plan to rehabilitate the area and encourage the Marsh Arabs to move back to their historical land. Listen to the interview here.

In case you missed the news, Saddam Hussein ordered the draining of the southern marshes to remove a hiding place for dissidents. Under Saddam 100,000 people were displaced, bombardment of villages, imprisonment of thousands, torture of Marsh Arab detainees held in government custody and the total of those tortured and murdered will never be known. Many of these people were forced out of their homelands and forced to settle near highways so the government could keep better control over them.

The current problems in Iraq do not come close to matching or exceeding those the citizens of Iraq had under Saddam Hussein. That is why I wonder at statements like this from the left.

- Quote: "Alas, it is the Iraqis more so than Americans and Britons who will bear the burden of a deranged decision to launch a pre-emptive war that has destroyed an already weak social fabric, killed many Iraqis, Americans, and Europeans, while leaving the most potentially rich nation in the Arab world shattered nearly beyond repair." end quote - (

Well, I don't think so. For the "Doom and Gloom crowd on the left I say, Hoonnnnkkkk!

It is people like Hassan Janabi that will prove those naysayers wrong.

Want more proof that I am right? Check out the short video at Journeyman Pictures.

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