Sunday, April 09, 2006

Blog Surfing To the Truth About Libby and Plame!

Clicking through a few of the long list of blogs on my right sidebar I hit on over to 1or2Thoughts who had a bit on Google location tracking of their FREE Wi-Fi service in San Francisco(dated 9 APR 06) - Mark linked to Okie on the Lam (whose post was dated 7 APR 06) - Both have great posts on the subject and they are both fun/entertaining/informative blogs to read. As is this one of course.


This post is veering away from the Google topic because Okie had a post just below the Google one concerning the President of the United States doing something legally for a change. Praise the Lord and pass the ammunition!

What did President Bush do that was so legal???

He declassified some information!

Scooter Libby mentioned it and now the liberals are all over it.

Okie says, - quote - "The news, at least in the minds of those who make up the MSM, coming out of the "Scooter" Libby revelation is that the leak of classified information that he passed on to the press was authorized by President Bush himself. The Left, typified by today's Los Angeles Times reaction, is almost giddy - once again they think, we've got him! Once again, they are deluding themselves. It's really quite sad in an ironic sort of way. Here's how the LA Times started out today: - end quote -

Okie then splashes some thick gooey substance the Times calls 'news' onto his blog. I guess he had to put it there get his point across which is that the President can make info classified AND he can make info DEclassified. So it goes.

The Los Angeles Times is all over this information but they are putting the wrong spin on it. They act like the President declassified the info for some dark, 'clandestine and criminal' reason, as The Okie puts it. Just so Bush could go to war and get oil I guess. The Times doesn't know. They are just splashing and playing in their their mud pies.

Well I want to tell you the real reason he declassified the info. Besides the fact that it no longer needed to remain classified of course.

President Bush declassified the info because he is a CLOSET COMMUNIST! He is truly dead set against capitalism. I know this because he won't declassify real important information. I mean, who cares about Scooter and Valery Plame and some other deadbeat, whazziz name. I want the President to release the REAL information that America needs to know!


Not that swampgas/weather balloon nonsense. The real stuff with the dead aliens and the "more of 'em are coming soon!" info that is being held back so we won't panic.

You see, I have 1000 baseball caps that I have carefully and artfully covered with tinfoil. I drag 'em to swapmeets and sometimes stand outside of sporting events trying to sell these things. - ($29.50 slightly used / $39.95 new - PayPal accepted) - There just isn't enough call for foil hats at the moment and the subject of interstellar brain washing isn't high on the news chain.

If the President really loves capitalism and this country (and me) he will start a spate of flying saucer news stories so I can dump sell these hats real quick.

I figure if the liberals will believe the L.A. Times then they will pay me top dollar for these hats. Do me a favor and email the prez at! Tell him to release the REAL Project Bluebook Info Now. It will help build the American economy!

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