Sunday, April 16, 2006

Learning the Truth From Blog Chains

In my previous post Gentle Cricket left a link to The Only Republican in San Francisco (excellent site!) whose posting You need better sources, and better sources need you (II) led me to The Mudville Gazette whose article Headless in the Headlines tells of how the NY Times March 27th Story 30 Beheaded Bodies Found; Iraqi Death Squads Blamed was bogus! (- registration required to see the article. It is still up at this time with NO update or correction -)
The previous paragraph is specifically designed for a particular left wingnut. He commented that he hated bloggers who gave nothing but a bunch of links in their first paragraph. This will give him something to direct his anger at instead of Bush and Rumsfeld. - p.s. Attn: particular left wingnut - please do not read this paragraph.
The Mudville Gazette reports the correction came in paragraph 17 of a Mar 29th Iraq news article. The first NY Times article (30 beheaded) is available for free with simple registration. The second (retraction in paragraph 17)is for paying customers only...

I know. This posting is a bit late. - It all happened over 15 days ago. I want to thank bloggers everyone because otherwise I would still have misinformation in my head. This does make me wonder how much other misinformation I still have in my head. - Don't worry. It doesn't hurt. I just don't like to be deceived. It seems the antiwar crowd does not mind deceiving people.

I remember hearing the blurb of the story on the radio news but did not, at that time, dig any deeper. I did not hear the radio news retract it. How many others heard no retraction and still think that 30 beheaded bodies were left laying by the side of the road in Iraq? News like this is bound to help instill the "We're losing" mentality that the Left wants to brainwash the U.S. (and the world) with.

Do they (lefties) care if it is a lie as long as it gets points for their side? Hmmmm... Let's see.

Mudville gives this quote from the Times showing it's retraction: - quote -
The police in western Baghdad discovered 14 bodies on Tuesday, all killed execution-style with gunshots to the head, apparently the latest victims of sectarian bloodletting. On Monday, Iraqi forces found 18 bodies near Baquba with similar wounds. Earlier reports of 30 beheaded bodies found in that area were wrong, the Interior Ministry official said. - end quote -

A comment from one of Mudville's readers: - quote -
Oh, ok, it is 32 bodies shot in the head, not 30 bodies beheaded. Whew! Thank god. I thought the conclusion that the Country is out of control was exagerrated. I am so glad to hear that it is shootings and not beheadings. Are you an idiot? What F*ing difference does it make? The Country is out of control.

Also, What happened to the "Crack" Iraqi Army that you and the other pentagon propagandists keep talking about? They are "afraid" to go retrieve the bodies?

You are more like Clinton than any democrat. Rather than looking at the point, you would rather argue about what the definition of "is" is.
Posted by Kevin at April 2, 2006 03:10 AM - end quote -

Please note that this is just one left leaning blogger. I will not say he is typical of ALL left leaning bloggers but it does illustrate my point... Also it does make me laugh that he uses Bill Clinton for the archetype.

Many Lefties do not care about the truth. All they want is their point of view to spread throughout the world.

Their concluding final ultimate purpose? TO WIN BACK POWER! To Win the Senate, Congress and the White House.

Should any American decide to vote for democrats this coming election please remember that you will not be getting what you hope for. They will lie to their base. They will lie to their voters. They will lie to themselves.

Does a person who is deceived know he is deceived? I didn't until I read Mudville's post.

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