Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Thomas Sowell on Immigration and Republicans

Not enough people are impressed with the workings of my brain on this subject so I figured I'd direct you to the words of Thomas Sowell.

Quotes from Sowell's article in The Conservative Voice:

Maybe some recent polls will put some backbone into Senate Republicans. But don't bet the rent money on it.
Those demonstrations may have impressed the media and intimidated politicians but they didn't change many minds among the American people. A majority of Republicans, Democrats, and Independents all favor the tougher House bill.
What is really striking is that 53 percent of Hispanics supported the House bill. The loudmouths at the demonstrations did not speak for all Hispanics.
As things stand at the moment on the immigration issue, the Democrats clearly have the upper hand politically as this year's elections approach.

The Democrats can solidify their base behind amnesty. But the Republicans' base - 81 percent of whom are behind the tougher House bill - are undermined, if not demoralized, by the vacillation of the Senate Republicans and the Bush administration on strong border control, apparently out of fear of alienating Hispanic voters.

In view of the latest polls, it is not clear how many Hispanic voters are going to be alienated. The greater danger is that the Congressional Republicans will alienate their own supporters.
Frankly, the Republicans deserve to lose this fall's election, after their wild spending and pandering to economic ignorance on gas prices. But a Republican defeat would only bring in the Democrats - and the country does not deserve anything that disastrous. The Democrats' petty obstruction and irresponsible demagoguery in wartime disqualifies them for national leadership when a nuclear Iran and nuclear terrorists loom on the horizon.

prying1 sez: There are really two issues here. - Apples and Oranges. - One is the problem of hordes of ILLEGAL aliens crossing our borders unchecked. Two is we are now Post 9-11. Terrorists can cross over our borders with impunity. WE CAN DEAL BOTH PROBLEMS A BLOW WITH FENCES AND WALLS!!!

Here is a tidbit from Hugh Hewitt's radio show last week (5-4-06). Tom Delay and Hugh Hewitt:

Hugh Hewitt: Now Congressman, in your many years, obviously since 9/11, you've been privy to a lot of information that most Americans have not. By the way, were you one of the people briefed on the NSA program? Or is that intelligence....okay. Has anything come over the border that smacks of terrorism that alarmed you?

Tom Delay: Yes. Absolutely.

Hugh Hewitt: Any details?

Tom Delay: No, I can't give you details, but yes. We have Muslims that are connected to terrorist organizations coming over our borders. In fact, we have sent the message to the world that y'all come. And whether you're terrorist or not. In fact, I spoke to a border patrol agent just yesterday, and they have just picked up 20 Romanians that had gone to Mexico, knowing that they could just walk across the border, get into the United States, and never have to get in line for any immigration. I mean, it is absolutely outrageous what's going on.

Thanks to Radioblogger for the transcript. (MP3 and more of the interview is available at

Try calling your Congressman and Senator and simply say, "Build the Wall!"

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