Thursday, May 11, 2006

The Government Has Your Number!

OK! Once again the Democrats are proving that they cannot be trusted with keeping Americans safe. They cannot be trusted with national Security! - And some dingbat Republicans are jumping on the bandwagon too. Please take names and never again vote for those who want to end the NSA Terrorist surveillance Programs.
- Words from elected officials -
Sen. Wayne Allard, R-Colo., was spot on when he said NSA uses the data to analyze calling patterns to detect and track suspected terrorist activity. - "Telephone customers' names, addresses and other personal information have not be handed over to NSA as part of this program," he said.

Rep. Edward Markey of Massachusetts, ranking Democrat on the House Energy and Commerce Committee's telecommunications and internet panel, had a different view: "The NSA stands for Now Spying on Americans."
- el enddo -

Please Massachusetts! Dump this nutter before he gets us killed! He does not care about your safety or privacy. He has turned our National Security into a political issue and it should be an issue of, "How can our government best catch the bad guys."


Here are some facts:

1.) There are TERRORISTS in the United States that want to do grievous bodily harm to you and your loved ones.

2.) The U.S. Government has a vested interest in finding these terrorists. Events like 9-11 are not good for our nation and with too many events like that the current crop of politicos will be booted out of office.

3.) One method of finding terrorists is to check the phone records of known terrorists, see who they are calling and who is calling them.

4.) Some idiots in this country are fearful that the government is out to get their insignificant butts and throw them into a gulag. - One term for this way of thinking is 'paranoia'. I call it the Michael Moore effect.

5.) Electing Democrats will leave the borders even more open and stop programs that allow the NSA's surveillance of terrorists.

6.) Politicians need to be encouraged to build the wall/fence on our southern border and tighten security to the north too.

prying1 sez:

The banks have more info on people than phone records could ever reveal. Speaking of phone records. Have you ever looked at your bill? The devious phone company lists all the numbers we've called and presents them in such a way that we throw up our hands and just pay the damn thing. Why aren't people upset with the phone company and the banks knowing all sorts of personal information? Can we trust them more than we can the government? If so why? How many credit card companies send you crap mail every week? Do you know who most likely sold them your address? THE BANKS! Banks even know what brand of beer you like if you use a debit or credit card to pay for it. If you expect total privacy in this country (or even the world) you are going to be disappointed for the rest of your life. - Your name is in the computers and they know where you are! -

Stop being paranoid. Get over it! Get used to it! It is not going to change just because some people are schizophrenic and think the government is spying on them. The government is not going to be putting people who disagree with them into concentration camps. You are safe here. Unless the terrorists are allowed to run free with no surveillance. Then you can be afraid. Very afraid...

The NSA program takes phone numbers of known terrorists and sees who is calling them and who they call... Would you like to stop our government from having this means of finding the bad guys? - To those who would end the program I say, "Get a life!" - Conspiracy Theory was just a MOVIE! The good guys won in the end anyway but it was fiction! There is no government agency that is keeping tabs on you except for the IRS! - With them you have my permission to really be afraid. They really are out to get you!

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