Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Whose Laws Are They?

Are they the laws of the United States or not? Apparently not. They are just words on paper. Meaningless and without purpose. Unless perhaps the purpose is to mollify a disgruntled populace.

These laws I'm writing about are those that make it illegal for companies to hire illegal aliens. Recently the German-based firm, IFCO Systems, a pallet company was raided. A 26-state immigration raid that resulted in 1,187 arrests. About one in three of those captured are back on the streets.

- Quotes from Kansas City Star article linked above -
Federal prosecutor Tina Sciocchetti, in Albany, N.Y., where the ICE investigation originated, said that despite the large numbers of arrests, her office is more interested in prosecuting seven IFCO managers arrested in the sweep than those who happened to be working that day.
...400 of those workers remain in jail, the seven managers who were arrested have been released from jail. Three who were arrested in Albany were allowed to post a $20,000 unsecured bond - requiring no upfront money. Those arrested outside Albany were released on their own recognizance with orders to report to a federal magistrate in Albany on May 4.

So now we have had a big show. Was that a dog and a pony? Where were the clowns? Will there be an encore?

How about this now that we have had a two week intermission?

Jim Kouri asked, and rightly so, about Tyson Foods closing it's plants because they expected their illegal alien workers to partake in protests, boycotts and demonstrations. "Why aren't the Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents swarming all over their facilities?"

Kouri answers his own question with this: "Perhaps the reason Tyson Foods openly hires illegal aliens is that it's head honchos are tight with the Clintons and President George W. Bush." (Tyson has contributed lots of money to both.)

prying1 sez: These two companies, Tyson and IFCO are just the tip of the iceberg. Why was IFCO selected for a raid and not Tyson? Certainly MONEY has been flowing to politicians pockets for years but that would not be a reason for selectively enforcing our laws would it? Could that be one of the reasons that there has been no enforcement of our nations laws? Did one company 'contribute' and the other didn't? Could payoff money, collected by paying a pittance to the illegal aliens that are not supposed to be working at these factories to begin with, be the cause of the selective enforcement of our laws???

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