Monday, May 01, 2006

A Little Touch of the Effects of the ILLEGAL Immigrant Boycott

MAYDAY - A communist holiday - What a nice day to celebrate the slavery communism had over the workers of the USSR. And what better way to celebrate both slavery and communism than to hold rallies all across the nation supporting the influx of Illegal Immigrants into the U.S.A.. - This will continually hold the wages of the last batch of Illegals to a standard that keeps them well below the poverty level. Something that socialists love!

Don't get me wrong. If I was in a stinking third world nation I would want to get to the U.S.A. by any means possible and if all it took was stepping across a line you bet I would do it. - That is opposed to having to work at cleaning up the local, state, and federal governments of said foreign counties. I might think twice if I had to climb a wall but I would still try to get across.

Let's look at reality:

The socialists in this nation need people that are at the bottom rungs of society. That is so they can show they care about the poor by coming in and helping the lower castes with taxpayer dollars taken from the upper levels. (Meantime THEY get to skim off the top.)

Vicente Fox needs the young and healthy males to leave the country at least temporarily so they will not be stewing at the injustice and fomenting revolution.

American politicians want the votes that they will get from people voting illegally. Some politicians are even working to get federal prisoners the right to vote but that is another subject.

The people rallying today are wandering without direction from some accounts I've heard on the radio. They are not sure why they are out there. They certainly are not out there because they are opposed to anything President Bush has advanced as solutions. He seems to be all for open borders.

One effect of today's boycott is a small store at the corner of my street. Closed. Not because they support the boycott but because they fear retribution if they stay open. - I don't blame them. Last thing they need is a Molotov cocktail rolling through their door. - So the three female Latino employees now have a day without pay. I don't know if they are thankful. But then again, chances are they are not socialists. They are here legally.

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