Wednesday, June 21, 2006

McComb Speech Shows Idiocy

of ACLU and Public Schools

From Review - Italics Mine - prying1 -

The decision to cut short (Brittany) McComb's commencement speech Thursday at The Orleans drew jeers from the nearly 400 graduates and their families that went on for several minutes.

At least the students knew cutting off the mic was wrong. They did not teach that out of them!

However, Clark County School District officials and an attorney with the American Civil Liberties Union said Friday that cutting McComb's mic was the right call.

Because they say it is does not make it so!

Graduation ceremonies are school-sponsored events, a stance supported by federal court rulings, and as such may include religious references but not proselytizing, they said.

And who decides which is which?

They said (Brittany) McComb's speech amounted to proselytizing and that her commentary could have been perceived as school-sponsored.

Was the ACLU afraid that the Spirit of God was going to fall and everyone was going to jump up yammering in other tongues?

Before she delivered her commencement speech, (Brittany) McComb met with Foothill administrators, who edited her remarks.

So who's speech is it then?

It's standard district practice to have graduation speeches vetted before they are read publicly.

This is a good idea in case a valedictorian decides to use cursing and swearing in their speech. As if they would.

prying1 sez: This is typical of the left in America. What gets me is many of the 'free speech advocate' leftist bloggers think it was the right thing to do.

Anyone have a link to the speech itself I (and others of course) would appreciate a pointer to it.

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