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This will not shut up the nutters, the foil hat crowd or the "progressive" liberals because they will say it is all lies put out by that evil son of Hitler, the personification of Satan and not a nice guy, President George W. Bush. Here it is for the rest of us... -

From the wonderful Hugh Hewitt Radio Show

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- HH = Hugh Hewitt
- RS = Rick Santorum
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HH: Well, you've made some news today, and I'd like to explore with you what exactly was being said, because we can't find the tape. Evidently, you've got some declassified information detailing 500 different shells containing prohibited weapons of mass destruction in Iraq. But let me ask you, what did you announce today?

RS: What we announced was that after two and a half months of being aware of this document, we were able to get a copy of the document, and convince the intelligence community to give us a declassified version of the document. It is a very short synopsis, and I would argue incomplete synopsis, but nevertheless, it's vitally important, because what it does say, and I'll quote from it, "since 2003," so since the Iraq War, "coalition forces have recovered approximately 500 weapons munitions which contain mustard or sarin nerve agent."
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RS: You know, I can't talk about what additionally it tells you. All I can tell you is there have been published reports on blog sites about this report...and the published reports say that 75% of these 500 or so weapons were in fact filled and usable, and very dangerous for the...if got to improper hands.

HH: Senator Santorum, can you tell us the name of the blog on which that report was featured?

RS: I will get it to you. How's that? I don't have it in front of me. (Compliments of - PDF file that needs reader...)

HH: That's fine. Again, putting away the classified stuff, focusing on the unclassified and published reports, is it your impression, Senator Santorum, that there have been a number of such discoveries?

RS: It is my impression that there have been a number of such discoveries. It's my impression that this is a very dangerous situation in Iraq, with the number of chemical weapons still believed to exist out there, and the threat that they might in fact get into the wrong hands. So Saddam, it is clear, from this report, had lots of chemical weapons around, and that people got their hands on them. So this is exactly what we were concerned about, that Saddam in fact had large stockpiles of chemical weapons, and would in fact...those chemical weapons could in fact get into the hands of people who would like to do harm to America.

HH: Now Senator, is it your impression that the classified nature of this material is in place in order to protect the information that might assist insurgents from finding additional stockpiles? Is that...

RS: There's certainly...that is clearly an element, and there are certainly parts of this report that were not released that should not be released. And that would certainly be one element of it. But there are other elements that I think can be released that could shed more light as to the volume of the problem that we're confronting, or that we confronted in the sense that how many chemical weapons did Saddam Hussein have prior to the Gulf War, the second Gulf War.


RS: The ones that are identified in the declassified information, are identified as pre-1991 munitions. Again, a lot of the discussion...there's going to be discussion of well, we haven't found any post-1991 munitions.

End quotes! -

prying1 sez: Now is the time for the progressives/liberals to come out and say this is a plot by the Bush Administration to fool/lie to us again. (Message to progressives/liberals: We are not dealing with Dan Rather!) Those in their right minds can ignore them.

These weapons are from pre 1991. Sanctions were effective in keeping Saddam from producing new weapons but were not effective in forcing him to give up the old ones.
This shows once again that Saddam was not cooperating with the U.N. who had their own reasons for not wanting him ousted. The U.N. would still be ineffective at finding this stuff. This is all the more reason for not turning Iraq over to the U.N. as some have suggested we do.

There are those in the United States who feel having socialists in power in Washington D.C. is more important than the safety of our nation and the lives of the people of Iraq. They are calling for the U.S. to "Cut and Run". Then they whine and complain when the right calls them on it. Today I heard a piece where Jane Harman D-CA tried to change the line to "Cut and Win". Just like they changed their label from 'liberal' to 'progressive'. Changing the word will not make it something else.

We cannot afford to placate these people in any way. All they deserve is ridicule and scorn! And to be voted out of office.

More can be found at with the complete interview in MP3 format - Enjoy!!!


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