Thursday, June 15, 2006

The Mexican Election and Sweeping for Illegals

A couple news items I read today placed together for comparison.

Operation Return to Sender - 2,179 arrests of Illegal aliens. Some are child molesters, violent gang members and past deportees who re-entered the country illegally. A quick run through the Google News hits with the words 'Operation Return to Sender' we can see 150 from New England (5 from Danbury, CT), 75/Chicago, 39/El Paso, 116/New Jersey, 47/Orange County, CA and apparently all parts of the country were hit.

Homeland Security says roughly half had criminal records for crimes that ranged from sexual assault of a minor (Around 146 perverts) to assault with a deadly weapon, to abduction. 367 of the arrested aliens were members or associates of violent street gangs. 640 of those arrested were fugitive aliens who had been issued final orders of removal by an immigration judge but failed to comply.

Those arrested in the operation came from nations around the globe, including Angola, Bangladesh, Brazil, Cape Verde, China, Colombia, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, El Salvador, Egypt, Gambia, Georgia, Ghana, Guatemala, Honduras, Indonesia, Iraq, Italy, Ivory Coast, Jamaica, Kenya, Liberia, Libya, Mexico, Nicaragua, Nigeria, Pakistan, Peru, Poland, Portugal, Senegal, Thailand, Uganda, United Kingdom and Uzbekistan.

This operation began 26MAY06 and ended Tuesday 13June06. No indication when the next sweep will be. Perhaps after several have returned and the number of illegal criminals has refreshed above the 2179 arrested.
next story:
DEBATING U.S. IMMIGRATION POLICY - IN MEXICO ~ Alan Wall reports (Italics are Alan's words - Bold is the Candidates): On June 6th, 2006, there was a presidential debate in Mexico. Five candidates were in the debate, and they were given five topics to discuss.

One of the topics was "Migratory Foreign Policy"

The "migratory" part refers to U.S. immigration policy, not Mexican immigration policy!

(only 2 of the candidate's promises follow - There is more in the link above)

Calderon made three immigration promises:

"First, that all the money collected in the Mexican consulates in the United States stay there to help our 'paisanos'." Translation - more meddling by Mexican consulates.

"Second, I am going to promote a migratory accord with the United States so that those who are there and have been there five or six years can have legal residence."

Sounds like what President Bush wants. (the rattling sound is prying1 shaking his head yes)

"Third, Whoever wants to go and work for a period of months or seasons each year, will do it legally and with papers."
Calderon is calling for the U.S. and Canada to finance development in poor regions of Mexico. There might be some merit to that idea, but why should we pay for that if we're simultaneously allowing mass immigration from Mexico?

AMLO - Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador (known by his initials AMLO) - AMLO promised a no-meddling foreign policy:

"We are going to be careful not to meddle in the internal life of other countries
and other governments, because we are not going to permit that they meddle in affairs that are only the business of Mexicans."

That sounds good. But you have to understand that when AMLO says he won'’t meddle in the affairs of other countries, that rule doesn'’t apply to meddling in U.S. immigration policy.

Lopez Obrador said that, "the principal subject of the bilateral agenda with the Untied States has to be the migratory issue."

Nowadays, that would be true of any Mexican government, of whatever party.

AMLO continues,

"We are going to convince the members of the American government, and the Canadian government, that the best relationship between a strong economy and a weak economy is cooperation."

He wants to make a NAFTA accord that will help Mexico in "the growth of the economy in our country and to create jobs."

AMLO's proposal is actually quite similar to that of Calderon (see above). He wants the U.S. and Canada to finance Mexican development.

But, AMLO doesn'’t want us controlling our immigration policy:

"We have to convince them, persuade them that nothing will be resolved with walls, with raids, with the militarization of the border, with heavy-handed threats."

prying1 sez: We (the U.S. and Poor Mexican Peasants) are screwed! - Unless we can wake up the U.S. Senate and Congress to the fact that we currently have enough "guest workers" and that border security comes first the Poor Mexicans will have a government that has no incentive to change. Please note that no mention was made in the first story of terrorists captured.

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