Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Blow Dealt to NY Times Terrorist Supporters

Go right to the source I always say. Hence the NY Times is where I went when I heard the lead on this story. (Italics that follow are from me, myself and ONLY me The other crap was taken without permission from the NY Times website. - So sue me NY Times!!! I'd love to get you in a court of law!)

U.S. Wins Access to Reporter Phone Records

A federal prosecutor may inspect the telephone records of two New York Times reporters in an effort to identify their confidential sources, a federal appeals court in New York ruled yesterday.

And why isn't the NY Times HAPPY about this?

The 2-to-1 decision, from a court historically sympathetic to claims that journalists should be entitled to protect their sources, reversed a lower court and dealt a further setback to news organizations, which have lately been on a losing streak in the federal courts.

Oh! They are not getting sympathetic judges and are on a losing streak. - Does this include their finances? I can only hope!

The dissenting judge said that the government had failed to demonstrate it truly needed the records and that efforts to obtain reporters' phone records could alter the way news gathering was conducted.

Does this mean they might have to meet traitor(s) of their country in dark alleys or behind the bus station instead of sitting on the phone sitting behind their desks?

The case arose from a Chicago grand jury's investigation into


the two reporters, Judith Miller - - - (LEFTIES CLICK HERE) - - - and Philip Shenon - If you want to waste your time...) (This Dweeb can be heard on NPR from here , about actions the government was planning to take against two Islamic charities, Holy Land Foundation in Texas and Global Relief Foundation in Illinois. Though the government contended that calls from the reporters tipped off the charities to impending raids and asset seizures, the investigation appears to be focused on identifying the reporters' sources. No testimony has been sought from the reporters, and there has been no indication that their actions are a subject of the investigation.

OK! So someone leaked the information and we may soon find out who. No thanks to Judith Miller and Philip Shenon or the NY Times. HAVE THEY NO SHAME?

"No grand jury can make an informed decision to pursue the investigation further, much less to indict or not indict, without the reporters' evidence," Judge Ralph K. Winter Jr. wrote for majority, in an opinion joined by Judge Amalya Lyle Kearse. "We see no danger to a free press in so holding. Learning of imminent law enforcement asset freezes/searches and informing targets of them is not an activity essential, or even common, to journalism."

- Ohhhh! Here is the Majority opinion after they get the tears flowing for the pro-terrorist point of view. (Sniff, sniff hand me a hanky) - So WHY didn't the NY Times lead with this statement? - So if a drug bust is going down and a newsman learns of it beforehand and calls the drug dealers to ask, "How do you feel about going to jail?"...

Or if MASS MURDERERS and their associates are under investigation should the media be allowed to tip 'em off with a call saying, "HIGHTAIL IT! Columbo is on the case!"?....

- "Learning of imminent law enforcement asset freezes/searches and informing targets of them" - UNLESS YOU ARE A LEFTY AND LOVE TERRORISM! - "is not an activity essential, or even common, to journalism." -

George Freeman, vice president and assistant general counsel of The New York Times Company, disputed the majority's characterization. Ms. Miller and Mr. Shenon, he said, "were conducting their journalistic duties by getting reaction to an ongoing story."

George Freeman needs to be treated as the associate of Eason Jordan. Where is the bucket of tar and the pillow case of feathers?

prying1 sez: I'm sick of this crap. - You can go to the article linked above and also linked in the title of this post and finish it for me. I've had enough. If the lefties want to get they and their children's rectums blown from here to some place other than the Living God's 'kingdom come' that's fine with me. But leave me and the rest of the United States of America out of it!

They can go to North Korea, Laos, Iran or even China if they want socialism and terrorism. Or even Cuba if they only want it temporarily. May the Death Angel visit Fidel soon.

P.S. The 'record' for the other NY Times atrocities will be following. I WILL post on them and expect to have George Freeman's name in those posts too! - - -

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