Friday, August 04, 2006

The Insanity Is On the Terrorist's Side!

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Blog surfing this morn I came across Another Political View run by R. Rodgers. He had a blogpost entitled Stop the Insanity in which he has a picture of a mass grave trench filled with assorted sized coffins. Quite a different scene than the ones we've seen of Sadamm's Iraqi mass graves where there were no coffins.

R. Rodgers stated this next to the photo:

This photo is from Lebanon and was posted on AntiWar.Com. Every legitimate State has the right to protect itself from aggression; however in this case to assert you are only targeting the enemy is ludicrous. Killing women and children and destroying another countries infrastructure is WRONG. As you can see from the photo the small coffins are children. The United Nations has determined that half the casualties in this conflict are children.

Mr. Rodgers failed to mention that the U.N. troops in Lebanon has Hezbollah terrorist flags flying right next to U.N. flags. - Oh well. - A lot of comments were left on this post. Here is the one I left:

Israel cannot call a permanent cease fire and stop their attack against Hezbollah. If they did Hezbollah would continue to strengthen themselves, import more rockets from Iran and continue on it's quest to destroy Israel.

I'm sure there are some reading this that hate Jews and would like that to happen. They need to realize it would not stop there! Some countries have learned that terrorists like to destroy people be they Jewish, Christian or Muslum.

If Israel were to be pushed into the sea as the terrorists have promised to do then they will not stop. They will continue to take over Europe, the Philippines, India and the U.S..

By standing against Israel in this situation people are in effect standing with terrorists.

You cannot blame the U.S. and Israel for the actions of terrorists. They kill and murder because that is their nature. To protect the majority of innocents we must turn against the terrorists and kill them. They will not listen to reason.

Terrorist organizations cannot be allowed to run free because they hide behind the skirts of women and crouch behind the small bodies of children. The picture is sad but on the other hand would the picture have happened if Iran had not shipped the Hezbollah terrorists and their weapons to Lebanon?

To those who say Israel should stop their actions against Hezbollah I say, "Your peace, safety, loved ones, and even your life will be next if Israel looses."

Terrorists are not nice people that are just misunderstood.


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