Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Clinton's Prostate Turns 60 - HIV/AIDS Turns 23

August 15 2006 - Bill Clinton - Before the 16th International AIDS Conference in Toronto, Canada. - "In just a few days, I will be 60 years old. I hate it, but it's true," he stated.

Ben Shapiro noted this 'Ode to Clinton's ego' (by Bill Clinton) in an article he wrote. - Clinton's Prostate Turns 60 - I thought the title so good I stole it for this blogpost.

As Shapiro notes this was an Aids Conference. I could see Bill talking about it at his birthday party but this was a conference that was designed to help stop the spread of HIV/AIDS. Billy Boy uses it as a way to remind people to buy him a present...

Good article Shapiro wrote comparing the post cold war Clinton years and the war on terrorism years we are currently in. Do we need Dr. Phil or Churchill in office? I suggest you go read it AFTER you finish reading this post and leaving a comment.


Ben Shapiro got me off on a rabbit trail concerning the Toronto event. I wondered what can these conferences be doing and saying that demands all this money be spent on those who attend them instead of taking care of AIDS patients.

So here is a few lines I culled from Google news on the subject of the 16th International AIDS Conference:

Socialist Worker Online: The great powers, and politicians such as George Bush and Tony Blair bear the heaviest responsibility for the death toll of Aids.

The original red team went on to say:

But governments in the developing world also stand in the way of tackling Aids.

The South African government stall at the Toronto conference featured lemons, garlic and beets, which it claimed were helpful in treating Aids.

Nathan Geffen, TAC's national manager who was at the conference, told Socialist Worker, "There is a plethora of rhetoric at these events, but much less delivery."
~~~~~~~~~~~~ has the headline: Even Canadian Government says Toronto AIDS Conference Irrational - Canada's federal Health Minister, Tony Clement, expressed his frustration with the Toronto International AIDS Conference saying the meeting was so politically charged it was "becoming a place where you couldn't have a rational discussion."


Clement ... announced the creation of a government-funded centre to study the root social causes of disease. (I want that job. Just sit around and blog all day and when they ask for the answer just say, "Zippers that work both ways.")


Clement's criticisms of the Conference were echoed in Thursday's National Post in a piece by Fr. Raymond de Souza, a priest of the Archdiocese of Kingston and a regular columnist for the Post. He wrote that the Conference was more about a self-congratulatory cult of celebrity than about AIDS and touted a one-sided approach to AIDS that has more to do with politics than the disease.

"In the midst of Stephen Lewis lauding Bill Clinton praising Bill Gates congratulating Bill Clinton paying tribute to Stephen Lewis," De Souza wrote, "it is hard to know what to make" of the AIDS Conference.

prying1 sez:
I could go on and on with articles both praising the conference and lambasting it. The bottom line is that the AIDS conferences appear to have been taken over by the condom factories and the "Hate Bush" crowd. Abstinence is a hated word. These jokers spend all their time talking and most of those manning the booths are probably making a bundle from the cash the world's taxpayers spend on HIV/AIDS awareness. Self centeredness seems to be the bottom line as shown by Bill Clinton's musing of his growing older.

Politics is fine in the halls of government but when peoples lives are at stake it should be set aside. The railing against the U.S. military should not be part of these meetings. These International Conferences are a waste of money.

After all, what good is it in wanting all the money currently spent on the war on terrorism to be spent on posters for AIDS awareness. Those who do avoid the disease would only die at the hands of terrorists. Meanwhile the people at the conference get their 'fair' share.


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