Monday, August 21, 2006

Work Around Problems Instead Of

letting them get you down!

That is one of the philosophies of life I live by and so does T.L. Stanley of the good old New Rosemead Times.

So what happened? Whuts the problum? - Google's has gotten uppety and decided to put out a new and integrated the new with Google's entire services so one password firts all.

"what's a firt?" you ask? Started as a typo but I think it should be made into a new word to describe what Google did. - Nice idea but it left some that were satisfied before the changes out in the cold...

Ever been there? I have been lots of times...

Problem is that it incorporated more that some accounts were ready for and T.L. was one of those left out in the cold. He could not access his old account to post blogs.

Did that Stop him?


Not a bit!

T.L. has made himself a new home at Rosemead Times Today!

Ever see the Incredibles?

"It's Bigger!, It's Better" - It's ALL BRAND NEW!!!!


T.L. and I live almost half a world apart. He is in Rosemead and I'm near LAX. Checking the Yahoo Maps and Google Earth that is almost half the distance from near the beach to San Berdoo! - In spite of that we have managed to become friends and I want to encourage others to check out his site and become friends with him too.

Not the "It takes a village" kind of friend but the kinds that steps above the carnal/natural and into the Christian/We's all God's Chillun' kind of friend.

What we called in the service the 'Esprit de' Corps' (We did not know in the '70's what jerks the French were) or at the church I attend, 'Kinship of Spirit' (much better and closer to the truth)...

Trust me on this one. Visit Rosemead Times Today! today and you will not regret it...

Disclaimer: If you do regret it in any way shape or form talk to God and not me or any lawyers. The problem is in your heart not mine or God's. I can't speak for the lawyers...

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