Sunday, October 01, 2006

eXlinks Is In Prelaunch Phase

I'm signed up with Blog Mad and have found their blog surfing services (Trading Blog visits with other bloggers) to be quite good. - The folks there are reputable. Good rate of exchange for your blog surfing time. Plus some wonderful bloggers reside there so you will most likely make friends.

PLUS!!! Customer service is quick! I always appreciate that in any online service. I've seen some outfits (Small Ones & Ultra Big Ones Too!) that don't answer emails for 4-5 days (if at all). Recently Blog Mad had various difficult issues (more than once - It is still in Beta) that were quickly and efficiently handled in such a way that, although there was temporary discomfort, service was quick to fix the problems and I believe the majority of folks were satisfied.

If you are not yet signed up with Blog Mad here is your chance. Simply click here to join!

Well Blog Mad is currently offering membership in a new program they are getting off the ground called eXlinks. Click Here to join in on the Prelaunch Signup!

Their advert says,

- quote - The basis of how it all fits together will become clear when we go Beta, but essentially we are going to go out and build small networks of friends, referrals, bloggers, website owners and basically anyone with an online interest who wants any of the following;

i) Readers
ii) visitors
iii) Traffic
iv) better search engine ranking

At this point we really do not want to get into how we plan on fitting it all together but we do promise that it will be worth it. Very much so. - end quote -

When they will go active is not revealed. They are working on getting enough people signed up then they will "Let 'er rip!"

If you decide later to join there is now a link on my sidebar that will give you easy access. - I'd suggest getting in early in case of extra bonuses they will give for the first folks to sign up in the prelaunch.

I dug a little deeper and this really looks legit. I'm still not sure what it is or what it does or how it works but the few minutes signup time may turn into something really good for you and your blog!


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