Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Pretty Spiffy Hand Drier

Ever go into a restroom and after washing your hands turn to find one of those air hand driers? No paper towels. Just the air drier. I hate that. It means precious time standing there with soggy hands for 30-40 seconds. AND you know they won't be dry when you leave the rest room. Hey! 30-40 seconds of valuable time I could be doing anything else but standing there not getting my hands dry.

For guys this really isn't too big a problem because we have shirts to wipe our hands on unless we are at some wedding reception and forced to wear a suit. Then we have to dry our hands on the back of our shirt under our jackets. There is always the toilet paper which instantly turns to sludge and sticks to the hands or the disposable toilet seat covers which are not really absorbant. I don't know how the ladies handle it because I'm too much of a gentleman to ask 'em...

Well! The solution is coming to a gas station and restaurant near you real soon (I hope). You might want to get one for your home. Although you will have to wait a bit. As of the time of this posting it is still in the testing stages in hospitals, several restaurants and service stations across the pond in the UK.


Short video here!

Mr James Dyson, the inventor, says, "The Airblade scrapes your hands clean with a high speed sheet of air,...It's a bit like a windscreen wiper."

The air shoots out of two slots the width of a human hair at 400 MPH (640 kph) and all the water forced off is sterilized with an iodine filter Then the water is atomised into the air.

The old hand driers suck in dirty washroom air - heat it up - blow it back onto clean hands and so clean hands end up exposed to washroom bacteria.

This device takes only 10 seconds to dry your hands. That saves 20 to 30 seconds! Not only that. This device will actually get your hands dry.

Thank You Mr. Dyson!

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