Sunday, October 29, 2006

Join Feedblitz To Get Updates From Friends

Over on the right side of my blog you can see the new "Subscribe Box" for Feedblitz. A friend/fellow blogger, Lee Warren of Little Nuances signed up and I recieved a notice from them that his posting update email was changing from another service to this one. Checking them out it looks like a pretty spiffy service so I figured to give it a whirl.

Now all I need are subscribers to really give it a test. Put your email address in the box and click on the Okie Dokie on the next page that comes up...

It is easy to unsubscribe later if you don't like the service. Each email has an unsubscribe link at the bottom.

You will only recieve one email a day (Sent out @ 1AM EST), spam free, and it can be truncated or complete for individual subscribers. As soon as you put in your email you will automatically get an account and a confirmation/password will be sent to you. You can change the password and set up on blog your own email updates for your friends and regular readers.

Free service with reasonably priced upgrades...

Is this a great country or what???


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