Tuesday, October 24, 2006

A Short Conversation

My wife leaves for her work prior to me leaving for mine. So I fix a bit of breakfast for us. Usually toast or oatmeal or perhaps cereal if the milk hasn't gone bad.

Then we sit at our computers sharing breakfast, news, email updates from friends etc.

This morning I fixed a couple slices of toast for each of us and put peanut butter on both with a few raisins on one piece and sliced banana on the other one. Brought the plates into the computer room. She said, "Thanks", and set hers to the side.

A few minutes later she picked up the plate and noticed the repast I had presented to her.

"Oh wow! Bananas and raisins! Looks good." as she took a bite and continued working with her mouse.

I looked at my computer clock and said, "Whoops, You're running out of time."

She looked at her screen and clicked her mouse and said, "Darn it!"

Clicked mouse again.

I leaned back to get a better view of her screen. "What?"

"Oh! It happens every morning."

"What?" (I'm wondering if her computer is frozen.)

"Running out of time."


prying1 wonders...

Is this more proof that men don't pay attention to what is being said even when they are saying it???


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