Thursday, November 23, 2006

A Prayer Request For a Little Bell

Rick Bell of The Bamboo Bell sent the following email out concerning his wife and their baby that is due in April of 2007. As the Good Lord reminds you (may He do so daily) please pray for the baby's good health.

Dear All,

Please be praying for us - we were doing a routine ultrasound at the specialist yesterday (at the specialist because of the Rh factor issues) and the doctor found what looks like a hole in our baby's heart between the two lower chambers. This could be fixed at some point after she is born. There could be other complications associated with it or there could be none. Jennifer had an amniocentesis test and we will hear of results in the next few weeks. We will have to settle in Cincinnati for Children's hospital there, and going back to China will be delayed perhaps another year. Please pray that the baby's heart might be healed even now, and that there would be no other complications involved.

Rick and Jennifer Bell

As sort of noted in the email Rick and Jennifer have a heart for China and the people there. While you are at it pray for Divine guidance for them. That is something we all could use.


UPDATE - Another email from Rick says:

We just got initial test results back today on possible chromosome
abnormalities. The initial results showed NORMAL, so we are thankful and
praising the Lord! We are still waiting for further results on other
chromosomes. Today's results were the big ones. The others are also
important so please keep praying, but we are so thankful today. Will
keep you posted. Still praying that that little heart is healed in the

Thanks for praying with us,


Update 26 Dec 06:

Hi everyone, hope your Christmas was good.

Here is, I hope, a fairly clear summary of the situation with our little baby, due in April:

We got the test results back. The good news is there are no chromosome problems. But the baby's blood is rh positive and Jennifer has developed antibodies against that- which means she will have to be monitored closely. This could go by without any problem, or it could mean the need for blood transfusions in the womb. Jennifer will need to see a specialist on a weekly basis.

The hole in the heart is still there. It is a large hole, one the doctor says cannot heal on its own except by miracle. But it can be fixed- which means surgery at some point from birth to perhaps a year old- must be determined later. So we have to delay going back to China until all is well.

Logistically, we need to be in Cincinnati (Children's Hospital and family and church). We plan to be there in about two weeks. We need a home to rent and I will need to find work. We could be back in China within a year of the baby's birth. Right now, we trust that this is all of God. We know many of you have been faithful and praying, and we can only conclude that God wants us in Cincinnati at this time.

CHINA: For now we are just on hold. But things have really taken off there in our old hometown. We are hearing great reports of new believers getting baptized and others showing interest. God is bringing forth the harvest! Thanks for your prayers!

Rick and Jennifer Bell


Update: 20 Jan 07

Hi everyone- we do appreciate your prayers...

Concerning Baby Bell (due in April), we went to the hospital and got a fetal ekocardiogram and got some less than encouraging news. It is a very serious problem with the heart. It is a good thing the hole did not close up, because it is needed to allow for a flow- she would have died already if that hole had closed up. Also one ventricle is very small and in the wrong place. There are other complications that are too hard to explain.

Bottom line is that this will require some surgeries. Best case is that only two would be needed- one about 4 months after the baby is born and then when she is three. She may also need to have one right after birth- that can only be known when she is born. We pray that she won't need one immediately. Her heart will not be normal- but it may be functional just the same.

The doctor said we could feasibly and safely go back to China after the surgery at about 4 months of age. We could get periodic checkups in Bangkok- and eventually come to the States when she is three years old for the next surgery. Hopefully that would be it.

Hope you're doing well. We know the Lord will prove faithful through all this.
Rick and Jennifer Bell

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