Saturday, November 25, 2006

Hmmm. It Stopped Being Funny!!!

Quite a while ago I posted some Retirement Jokes. Every so often I get hits on the posting through Google. I checked the Google page and saw some other Retirement Joke Pages and thought I'd check it out. Perhaps 'borrow' some items to update my collection.

The first one I hit was a gentleman selling books. Nice if you need 'em. The second I clicked on took me to - A bunch of adverts. No Jokes. - Wait! - Here it is! Related Links/Retirement Jokes. - CLICK - Ok. Another advert page. Oh! Here's one. Retirement Jokes - 10,000's of fresh jokes, free! Quick search. Every joke category. - CLICK -


Download free JOKE TOOLBAR???

Toolbars are not a JOKE!!!

What is this outfit? huh! OK! Google Search.
- Dum, de dum dum. - Report - That's the one - CLICK -

We find that the Starware News Toolbar is not badware, although it does engage in behaviors that users should be aware of.

We currently recommend that users who want to download Starware News Toolbar be aware of the behaviors outlined in this report.
Redirects invalid web addresses
Replaces legitimate error pages with its own
Displays inline ads and pop-under ads

To their defense a note on the sidebar says:
08/15/2006 - contacted regarding our report on Starware News Toolbar. They have expressed a desire to work with us to bring Starware News Toolbar into conformance with our recommendations.


09/19/2006 - We have confirmed that the toggling off of the SiteAdvisor button by Starware News Toolbar is due to idiosyncracies in Internet Explorer's handling of toolbars, not malicious intent on the part of Starware. Since Starware News Toolbar has now been found to be in compliance with our recommendations, we find it to no longer be badware.

Well that is cool that the Starware Toolbar folks work to clean up their reputation. I wonder how the uninstall works? Gotta be better than Zango!

Well, I'm not going to be the one to find out.

Any volunteers?


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