Thursday, December 28, 2006

Baby Bell Update

Rick Bell of The Bamboo Bell blog is an American Teacher in China. he and his wife are home on leave. His wife is due to have a baby in April. Unfortunately there are complications in the pregnancy which will delay their return to China. Please note the lines in the right hand box "Prayer Request for a Little Bell" and use that for a reminder to lift Baby Bell up in prayer to the Living God.

Rick emailed an update on his wife's and their unborn baby's condition.

A quick rundown.

The good news is there are no chromosome problems.

The baby's blood is rh positive and Jennifer has developed antibodies against that.

This could go by without any problem, or it could mean the need for blood transfusions in the womb.

Jennifer will need to see a specialist on a weekly basis.

The hole in the baby's heart is still there.

It is a large hole, one the doctor says cannot heal on its own except by miracle.
It can be fixed- which means surgery at some point from birth to perhaps a year old - To be determined later.

And Housing/Work needs.

Logistically, we need to be in Cincinnati (Children's Hospital and family and church). We plan to be there in about two weeks. We need a home to rent and I will need to find work.

Rick has not asked but I'm sure they could use some donations. You can email him through his blogsite. - The Bamboo Bell -

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