Wednesday, December 27, 2006

The Freedom Project

I for one like it when a man steps up and out. Especially after being down for a while.

Minuteman 76 at Freedom or Death has a project going where he plans to travel the country visiting disabled vets and blogging about it.

Minuteman 76 sez:

Put simply, the Freedom Project is my dream, goal in life, and primary focus. It’s not just about helping myself lead a better life, it’s also about helping other Disabled Veterans who slid into the same deep pit of hopelessness that I did. Due to PTSD, alcoholism, and debilitating full-body arthritis I became useless to others and myself. I couldn’t perform the only job I had skills for, suffered from extreme depression, and ruined relationships with friends, family, and significant others. I was content to drink myself to death and leave a path of physical and emotional destruction in my wake.

Then I woke up.

I sought help through the VA, quit drinking, am soon to quit smoking, and put my disability percentage under review. But all of that is nothing without a defined goal, a purpose, something to set my sights on.

Hence, the Freedom Project. I propose to travel the United States, living full-time in a 28’ RV trailer, meeting other Disabled Vets, getting their stories out, and showing the ones who feel hopeless that no matter what, you can turn your life around if you work hard enough and get support from those around you.

Read about his plans and see it if is something you might want to support. If not monetarily then through links and blogposts.

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