Thursday, December 14, 2006

Is it Friday Yet?

Normally I post on this blog in the A.M. - The Feed Blitz Emailer I signed up for takes my stuff at midnight and sends it out at willy nilly times it seems. - I'm going to be switching up on that and looking for a better (free) notifier real soon. (My Christmas present to myself. - Suggestions welcome - -(8-P)~~~~)

Anyway - This morning - (14Dec06) I got caught up with some Blog Surfing through my hits.
- One came through of which I am a member. - I clicked to see what was up on their 'headlines' and saw a line that said, "I Love Ellen Degeneres: Part 2" and below that was "I Love Ellen Degeneres: Part 1" - I chose link number one because I love things to be done decently and in order. It's scriptural that way.

Well, to make a long story longer, I found myself in the midst of the normal daily Christian dilemma. Meeting 'Christians' that make statements like, "I hate Ellen Degeneres."

The Rev.J. Theodore Helms of Our Sovereign Joy dealt with the problem in three parts. - Each a long read in blogging standards but each well worth the time. Leave a comment with each one as I did and tell him where he is wrong. (HINT: He's not! But you might want to suggest to him that he link to the next one in his previous postings.)



I then got to his Home Page and discover that on 13Dec06 Scott Welch posted on the Sovereign Joy blog with his posting about harboring hatred in ones heart. This made four posts and comments and then I had to get to work. No time to post this AM! Oh well. It was well worth the time.

So what happens when I get home tonight. I go to again and find I've got hits from My Weekly Thoughts who thought the Being Five link was worthy of a mention. Another half hour of my life gone but I must say, "It was not Wasted." - Both going into my blogroll soon. -

P.S. This posting was modified 'after' 9PM (12Pm Eastern) because I had to hit 'Publish' in time for the email notifier to send it out by Friday AM. HELP!!!


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