Monday, December 04, 2006

Jokes Are Not Funny Anymore!

I recieved this joke via email. From someone who will remain unnamed at this point in time because I do not wish his email box to be overflowing with hatemail. To those who wish all jokes to be against rocks, flowers and anything except dearly beloved vegetables or people please quit reading now.

You have been warned.

Joke follows:

Welfare in Mexico :

Question - When you apply for Welfare in Mexico what does the Government give you?

Ok. This is a riddle and not a joke. I know there is a difference. It is funny only if you have a twisted mind. You will laugh only if you think that humans are less than human. You won't laugh if are of the mindset that jokes that utilize people in any way, shape, manner or form are uncaring and cruel.

Like those firemen that that gave their co-worker dogfood. You know. The guy that accused his co-workers of being racists. If you are on his side and think he deserved 2.7 million dollars because his nickname was 'Big Dog' click the X in the upper right corner NOW.


Still here? Good. I hope to "Keep out the riffraff" as Roger Dahlhjelm said. (Running a search won't work. You have to buy the book or email me. I read the book.)

It is questions like this that make you realize that although you are not racist at heart you do enjoy jokes that hit people where they live. Be it in the country either you or they live in. Doesn't matter which. You don't consider being from a particular country as belonging to a particular race.

Ok. Enough space on this post has occurred so that those who love riddles and don't want the punch line revealed right away (so they can think about and guess the answer to prove to themselves (***No one else wants to be around them so they only have themselves to prove it to***) that they are really smart even though nobody else wants to be around them etc....

This is for you....

Oh Darn! Where did that email/punchline go?

Scheesh! I opened and closed to many windows.

Oh, Here it is!

Answer - A map of the United States !!!

prying1 sez:
Hope you remembered the original question.

If not perhaps you should have clicked the X when I said to.

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