Thursday, January 18, 2007

Google China, Hugh Hewitt and YOU

On yesterday's (18 JAN 07) Hugh Hewitt Radio Show the subject of Googles dealings with China came up.

Prior to talking about Google in such a way that it could be taken for an advertisement Hugh had stated that he owned Google stock. "Full Disclosure" he called it. A bit later a listener called in and chastised Hugh because he owns stock in Google. Wasn't Hugh aware of the China/Google deal.

For those who missed The "Google-China" deal here is a bit from the NYT dated 23 APR 06
To obey China's censorship laws, Google's representatives explained, the company had agreed to purge its search results of any Web sites disapproved of by the Chinese government, including Web sites promoting Falun Gong, a government-banned spiritual movement; sites promoting free speech in China; or any mention of the 1989 Tiananmen Square massacre.

Hugh defended himself quite eloquently (as usual for him) but one thing he missed. Hugh's site is not blocked in Google China. Nor is Generalissimo Duane's.

Go to Google China and type in - prying1 -


You can do the same with your own name. Most likely you will see your blog or website come up. Through I visited AubreyJ and left a comment - 'FTGF' brings up Navy Town U.S.A. - The Rosemead Herald is accessible through Google China.

Jesus Christ gets 50,000,000 hits. - Point is, More info gets through to China than is filtered.

Check your own name and blogsite. Don't be surprised if you have not been purged.

Click here for Google China

China will have to change as time passes. The leaders know it but are slow to embrace it.


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