Saturday, January 20, 2007

Write In Cary Cartter For President

Working Stiff and Blogger Extraordinaire Cary Cartter is running for President of the United States.

"Who is Cary Cartter and what does he know about being president?", you ask.

I'll start the answer by stating what Cary Cartter IS NOT.

  • A Career Politician
  • Indebted To Any Special Interests
  • An Open Borders Advocate
  • A Political Correctness Junkie
  • A Dude That Rolls Over When Confronted With Adversity


Cary Cartter is a working, family man that lives in Phoenix, Arizona. A churchgoing Christian who is a member of his church's praise and worship team. Vocals and bass guitar. A new father who wants to see his daughter raised in a country that helps the deserving downtrodden and stands firm against it's enemies. He has served in the United States Marines and has learned the meaning of Semper Fi.

Now. On to WHAT Cary Cartter is.
  • A Man That Prefers Truth Over Subterfuge
  • A Man With Intestinal Fortitude
  • A Man That Knows To Delegate To Capable People
  • A Man That Recognises He Has Faults And Works To Overcome Them
  • A Man Who Loves his Country
  • A Man That Will Work To Preserve Our Nation While Looking Forward To New Innovations, Technology, Research and Inventions This Country Is So Well Known For.


Cary's Own Words:
I promise a common sense approach to running this country - and ONLY this country. I will not allow any other country, or even the loudest public opinion, to determine the course of action this country needs to take to regain the respect and admiration of the world. Heck, we are the strongest standing military - we will start acting like it again.


I can hear you wondering, "Cary, what do you know about running the country?"

I know enough not to let armed invaders get away without some ventilated clothing.

I know enough not to let non-citizens claim rights under our constitution.

I know enough not to allow illegal immigrants to benefit from the hard work of the American citizens and legal immigrants.

I know enough to actually assign jobs to people trained in the area, and then get the h3ll out of their way while they do the job to the best of their ability.

I know enough that unless this country gets a leader with the intestinal fortitude to actually lead this country instead of letting other country's public opinion dictate the leaders' actions, this country won't exist for very long.

Sounds good to me. - Paul - prying1 -


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