Sunday, January 21, 2007

Ms. Hillary Is In the Running For President.

Senator Hillary Clinton, D-NY, threw her $14 million dollar campaign treasury in the ring in an attempt to get her old job back. You know the job. The one her hubby Bill obstensibly held while she did all the work of downsizing the military and raising taxes...

Just hours later Senator Brownback, R-KS, announced he is going for the Republican nomination. Timewise both are very slow. Last week the announcement was made by Cary Cartter, Common Sense Independent, that he would step up to the plate, take abuse from the MSM and run for the presidency in order to bring this country back on track.

The polls are not in yet so it is not known the impact Ms. Clinton's and Mr. Brownback's announcement will have on Cary Cartter's bid.


prying1 sez:
Now I don't know about you but I think that 14 million dollars is a lot of 'owing favors to folks' that down the road could cause problems for the 'little guy'. Especially knowing the social circles Hillary hangs with. Or should I say, hangs around her. Some say that hanging is the right term to use concerning the whole bunch of 'em. Personally I always prefered 'tar and feathering'. Much more entertaining.

Speaking of 'ENTERTAINING' here is something that is anything but.

Click here and listen carefully BEFORE you vote in the next Presidential Election. Do you want FOUR YEARS of this???

Thanks to Radioblogger for the above sound clip.

Four years of that???? - - - - Shhudddderrrrrr - - - -

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