Monday, January 01, 2007

Nice Start For A New Year

Wife and I ended up the last year by scrubbing the house and throwing an open party for the folks at church. Could not have done it without my dear daughter coming for a Christmas visit. We made her work so hard she was glad to fly back home. Took her to LAX airport this morning.

Traffic to and from LAX was light I think because, "Who wants to fly on New Years Day?" - Everyone wants to watch the parade and football games. A lot more enjoyable than sitting cramped in a metal tube breathing semi-recycled air.

Doug at Political Pistachio posted on today's eve, (Yesterday to those of you in Rio Linda)

Let's face it, my dear friends, Hell is paved with good intentions. Resolutions, I suppose, mean well, but they usually last as long as Saddam on a short rope. Rather than making a bunch of resolutions we don't plan of keeping, how about we use some common sense this year, be friendly to our neighbors even though the branches of their annoying tree are hanging over the fence and we have to trim them every week, let in a few folks on the roadway even though a dozen more cars will squeeze in behind them, and turn away from our bad habits even though they will haunt us until we give in.

So today, while zipping through LAX...

Wait. Maybe I better explain a bit.

The majority of my life I have lived near LAX. I love the place. Not enough to work there but that is neither here nor there. Friends and I used to ride our bicycles through the place late at night.

When I say through I mean THROUGH.

We would go up and down the walkways that led to the plane terminals. Take our bikes on elevators and escalators. There are underground walkways almost like hidden passageways that lead from one outer terminal to the next. Doors that lead to the underbelly of the airport and out to the runways. We would ride around the planes as they were being loaded and unloaded. Only once did anyone try to stop us. Some employees would just smile and wave as we would zip by. We owned the place.

Unlike today security was lax at LAX in the '60's/early '70's. - Nuff said about that. These days I just settle for driving through the loop.

Well Political Pistachio's line, "let in a few folks on the roadway even though a dozen more cars will squeeze in behind them." I took to heart today. Well at times I did. There were jerks trying to cut across four lanes of busy roadway to get to a shortcut and I would yell at them. My wife and daughter thought I had road rage but as I explained to them that if it were really road rage I would hit 'em.

At one point nearing the exit of the LAX airport I knew the lane to the left of me was to become a "left turn only/airport return" lane and my lane would become a fork to either go straight or turn left for an airport return/north on Sepulveda Blvd exit...

I could see it coming. I figured the car next to me had an unsupecting chump that would need to get over so I slowed down considerably to let him get in front of me.

Sure enough he turned on his signal and moved into my lane. I had done my duty as outlined in Doug's posting! I felt good about myself.

Then the guy, obviously filled with indecision, slightly swerved left, right, left, right and took the left turn anyway.

So much for "good intentions" Doug. I tried. At least the road ahead of me was clear and there was no other people to yell at for a while.


By the way. For those who have missed it or have not looked at my sidebar. Cary and TMBWitW Cartter had their baby. Click here for the story and pics.

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