Friday, January 05, 2007

Your Name On Credit Card Apps = Trouble!

This has been around before. In fact the original postings for the hattips are from posts dating back to April 06. But this is something that can never be said enough. Your good name and credit rating are in JEOPARDY!

Rob of TORE UP A CREDIT CARD APP THAT CAME IN THE MAIL WITH HIS NAME AND ADDRESS ON IT. Taped it together. Changed the address and used a cell phone number on it.
Click here to see what happened
after he mailed it in.

Be sure to click on the link at the bottom of the page that says: Page Two of My Torn-Up Credit Card Application -

prying1 sez: If you cannot afford a shredder then at least tear the name/address in half and dispose of the pieces separately. Sometimes I take half to work to dump it. - I know. I should do it all the time. So should you...

Hat tip to Fraud, Phishing and Financial Misdeeds who hat tips I'm thinking of the "O" Word. Both of these people are well worth cultivating as friends. I have and I know it is one thing I have done right in this world.

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