Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Some Blogging Without the Flogging

Ok - It has been a few days since I've posted. Been pretty busy and plus all the news is...

Let's just say, "Typical".

Well. I could comment on Hillary, Pelosi and Cindy Sheehan but then I'd be accused of attacking them and of being insecure in my masculinity when confronted by 'strong women'.

Heaven forbid that should happen.

I did hear that the U.N. voted to outlaw war but it didn't work out the way they wanted it to. Half a dozen third world nations have initiated hostilities against one another each seeking the U.N. commission of enforcing the law.

"There will be big bucks involved in this racket." said one un-named but reliable dictator. "Whoever is chosen to lead the U.N. army into places where there is chaos and confusion will get the spoils from sacking, plundering and pillaging. I want that loot!!!".

His sentiments were echoed by the toadies he had surrounding him.

I noticed that recently that my thinking hasn't been as sharp as it was in my younger years so I finally broke down and bought some of those memory pills through a spam email offer. I don't think they work very well though. I keep forgetting to take them.


My boss and his wife said, "Hey! We didn't get ptomaine over the holidays. Let's take a vacation on a cruise ship." - - -

They made it back ok but still I have to wonder why anyone would want to take the chance....

I mean. Stuck out in the ocean and the only doc around is either another passenger that ate the shrimp too or the ship's doctor that lost his license because he was always too drunk to write prescription's legible enough for pharmacists to read...

Me. I'll stick to dry land. Unless I get to fish and those cruise ship decks are too high off the water for that.

I got tagged the other day by Doug of Political Pistachio - Hopefully I can answer on Saturday when I get a bit of time.


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