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Cary Cartter Sez:
Write in Candidate - 2008 - 14May07

The following is from The Cary Cartter for President Campaign -

Cary Cartter sez:

Everything Was Perfect ...

A man and his wife had a son. They were very proud parents, and nurtured him through his formative years. He was a perfect specimen - ten fingers and toes, all his limbs, all the right parts in the right places.

Except for one thing. The boy would not talk.

His parents tried everything they knew to get him to talk. They coaxed him, cajoled him, even consulted the specialists.

Then, one day at dinner, the boy spoke. "Pass the salt, please."

His parents were speechless. They looked at the boy, then at each other, and then back at the boy.

The father said, "Son, why haven't you spoken before now?"

The boy replied, "Up till now, everything was perfect."

Can you see the parallel to the American government? The majority of Americans have been silent - low turnouts at the polls on voting day gives witness to the fact that most Americans are/were complacent, even (dare I say it?) lazy. Well, things aren't perfect anymore.

There are minority factions who have the ears of some very high Career Politicians. The homosexual faction wants any mention of how their lifestyle is against someone's religious beliefs to be considered "hate speech" and a "thought crime." The drug culture wants their use and abuse of narcotics and controlled substances to be accepted and no longer punishable by law.

These people, instead of working to keep this country a model of a representative republic, want to have an "anything goes" attitude. Smoking dope? That's cool. Drinking and driving? No problem. Rape, assault, murder? Fully acceptable in the land of the liberal mindset. Having limits, rules, regulations, is what allows a civilization to thrive and grow. When the rules and regulations are ignored or altered to favor one group over another, then there is no longer a mindset of "All men are created equal" - there is the onset of the "victim mentality," where the individual is no longer held accountable for their own actions, but any wrong that befalls them is a direct result of events in their past; events they have no control over, and events that they will allow to control the rest of their lives.

Everything is not perfect anymore. The time has come for We the People to stand up and be heard. It's time for We the People to let the Career Politicians know that we are no longer going to allow them to rule according to how they want to fill their pocket; they need to put the United States of America back at the forefront of their dealings and negotiations.

If they can't do that, then it's time for them to be removed from their burrows and barred from politics for the rest of their lives. It's time for the Citizens to become Statesmen; for all of us who are capable and qualified to step up and run this country using common sense and strict interpretations of the founding documents. It's time for the people of this country to reclaim their birthright. It's time for everyone to be held accountable for their own actions. It's time for We the People to take responsibility for the mess we have allowed to develop.

I am campaigning to be elected President of the United States on November 4, 2008. On most states' ballots, you will need to write in my name - Cary Cartter. In a few states, specifically those that do not allow for write in candidates for the office of President, my name should appear on the ballot as an independent candidate. Either way, voting for me will not be throwing your vote away - I am a viable alternative to "None of the Above" or the "Lesser of two Evils."

A boy was told to choose between the two cotton loving bugs. He chose the smaller of the two. When asked why, he replied "I just went with the lesser of two weevils."

As President, Common Sense would be the rule, not the exception. Whining would be limited to the sound from a dog trying to get your attention. Invaders from other countries would be treated as enemy combatants, not coddled as favored guests. Armed invaders from other countries would be shot on sight. The military (both active duty, and those who need assistance after serving active duty)would be a priority at budget time. Yes, I mean VA hospitals and benefits would be taken care of before any bridges to nowhere got built.

Border Security and National Integrity would be the cornerstones of my administration. Yes, I am a Christian (actually, a Christ-follower) and I would lead with that as a background. Before anyone puts thoughts or words in my mouth - I will not advocate the establishment of a national religion. There's a rule against that, and rumors to the contrary are false.

Wake up, stand up, and let everyone know that things are no longer perfect.

If you feel you are Out of Voting Choices, then choose to Make a Difference - write in Cary Cartter for President in November 2008. Please help me get the word out.

If you would like to know more about my stand, please visit my blog. If you have any questions you would like to see addressed, or if you would like to help spread the word about my campaign, you can e-mail me here.

Thank you for stopping by, God bless you all, Wear Red on Fridays, and write in Cary Cartter for President in 2008!


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