Tuesday, May 15, 2007

These Idiots Are Going To Get Us Killed!

Warner Todd Huston posted an article at his Publius Forum concerning a Wisconsin State Journal opinion piece, Time To Try Educating 'terrorists' By Kevin J. Mack.

Kevin J. Mack lives in lala land. His attitude is that we simply walk up to Islamofacsist terrorists and

"Educate them to the fact that they are being deluded. That murderers of innocents don't go straight to paradise. That asking questions is not a bad thing and that blind obedience to anyone or any group is.

Of course this flies in the face of traditional religious thinking and will take some doing."

No wonder those on the left have gotten the tag, "Moonbats".

Hustun's take on the article is:
Now, I have spent much time on this inconsequential fellow in a back water paper that no one reads, so you might be asking if I am making too much out of this? I would reply that Mack’s example isn’t, by any means, the only MSM source that exhibits such ill conceived notions as is evidenced by an article in the Seattle Times that assures us that radical Muslims see the USA as the problem for a legitimate reason, in essence giving jihadists their blessing and showing that they “understand” their hate.

I sure did want to leave a personal message for Kevin J. Mack at the Madison.com site but they did not allow comments. Figures...

I commented on Warner Todd Huston's site and said the following"

I had to check this Kevin J. Mack out a bit. He has submitted a couple letters to the editor previously and I found at Madison.com Archives this little ditty he wrote:

Quote - Bush described the war on terror as a "generational struggle that will continue long after you and I have turned our duties over to others."

Kind of takes him off the hook for the eventual outcome, doesn't it? He started it, somebody else can finish it.

-- Kevin J. Mack, Ashton Corners - End Quote -

This Kevin J. Mack character really proves his ignorance concerning history. Recent history at that. Of course concerning the 9-11 attacks he would say that none of the terrorists were Iraqi's hence we should not be in Iraq.

Mack's attitude is that this is Bush's war and not a worldwide war by thugs against democracy. Thugs against Kevin J. Mack. This has me wondering if he is one of those nutters that agrees with Rosie concerning explosives at the WTC. (Bush planted the bombs and fooled the terrorists into flying into the building!)

The "Hate Bush" crowd will continue to make fools of themselves and think themselves wise and all knowing but you are right in saying it gives encouragement to the terrorist thugs. The same thugs that would ululate as they hack off Kevin J. Mack's head as he tries to present the Humanist Manifesto to them.


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