Friday, October 05, 2007

Environmentalists At It Again??? Wolves This Time

To tell you the truth I don't know everything there is to know about this. I may be missing something but I think not...

An online bulletin board I frequent had this posting:


Did anyone see this on TV?

If not maybe it's just here in NY, the commercial says that 600 Wolves will be killed very soon.

Check it out I glanced at it really quick but wanted to post this so maybe everyone will check it out. I think you can send an email to try and stop the Wolves from being killed.

In case I screw the link up it's

Thanks *****
Call Off the Guns dot org

SO I go there and see that Old Bush Baby is at it again. Now the President that was never legally elected (twice) wants to slaughter wolves so that elk hunters can have more elk to massacre. Bunch of gun nuts every one of 'em.

Bush Administration Takes Aim at Wolves

A Bush Administration proposal would allow the slaughter of nearly 600 gray wolves in Greater Yellowstone and Central Idaho – while they're still on the endangered species list. Both Wyoming and Idaho are planning to use aerial gunning, as well as baiting and trapping, to exterminate wolves as early as this winter.


First I notice there are no dates, no House or Senate numbers. Nothing leading the visitor to any outside news source. There is a "send a message" button so I click on it.

BINGO! A number to Google.

The next page has a form filled out with the subject line, "Protect Gray Wolves! (RIN 1018-AV39)"

So I Google RIN 1018-AV39 and find 246 hits, Some from Foreign Countries (Why would they be writing to our EPA?) and the second hit is for EPA.GOV -

Federal Register Environmental Documents

And the fourth hit is this

Federal Register: July 6, 2007 (Volume 72, Number 129

Going through the gobbledygook I find this piece of info I can understand:

We also propose to modify the 2005 special rule to allow private citizens in States or on Tribal lands with approved post-delisting wolf management plans to take wolves that are in the act of attacking their stock animals or dogs. All other provisions of the 2005 special rule, including the process to obtain Service approval and the conditions for reporting all wolf take, would remain unchanged.

So? Are the "Get People Riled Up Against Bush So We Can Hit 'Em Up For Money" groups at it again? I've no doubt that the email addresses collected by the NRDC ACTION FUND will have a "GIVE US MONEY" message in them ten seconds after the sucker fills out the spaces and pushes the 'Send This Message' button. Then try to get them to stop sending messages or from selling the address to their buddies...

I know I'm a skeptic but one thing I'm not skeptical about is most of funds the NRDC ACTION FUND receives will go into deep pockets. And wolves don't have pockets.


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