Friday, November 09, 2007

From a Tuned Harp by Winifred R. Myers'
(near) Lost Poetry Corner

I found a couple other copies of this book online so it is not quite "Lost Poetry" but it is close. - At this point in time there is a copy on eBay for .99¢ but the shipping is where the seller makes up for the low price. Looks like a clean copy though... A couple others can be found through

Anyway - Here is some of the lowdown on the book:
Title: From a Tuned Harp -
Author: Myers, Winifred R. -
Publisher: Wagon and Star Press - Dion O'Donnol - W. Los Angeles, CA - Copyright: 1951 - 44 pages (no index) - 31 poems total -

To the best of my knowledge this is a single printing item. Unless the print on demand folks get hold of it and jack the price of a NEW COPY up to a kazillion dollars... (When buying books online do some research!!! Know what you want and why. Is it for reading, collecting or a gift copy. The difference between collectible and readers copy can be big bucks but so is resale value...- Email the seller! Don't be shy to ask questions or to ask for pictures.)


And follows a couple sample poems. I will say, of the poems I read I liked these two best so use your own judgment if you want this volume on your bookshelf...

Oven Altar

If by some recipe, I'd bake
A perfectly heavenly sort of cake,
I'd never feel
That I could kneel
And offer it to God!
God dispenses-mortals take-
They should give gratitude, not cake!



A tiny terraced garden on a lovely, lonely hill-
Below a river singing,
Above a bird awinging, Beyond, a bell, sweet, ringing;
Peace, my heart be still.

I hear the sleepy birds give their last twilight trill-
Here purple dusk comes clinging,
A sweet perfume bringing,
O'er all a frail moon swinging;
Rest, my heart, lie still!


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