Thursday, November 08, 2007

Schwarzenegger Gives California Tax Dollars to Lawyers

The headline where I got this story from says, "California, other states sue U.S. on car emissions" - It is a Reuters story by Adam Tanner. Whoever he is. I think my title is more accurate. Here is a bit from the story as Reuters say's it:

California sued the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency on Thursday, demanding a quick federal decision that would allow the nation's most populous state to limit greenhouse gas emissions from vehicles.

"California is ready to implement the nation's cleanest standards for vehicle emissions, but we cannot do that until the federal government grants a waiver allowing us to enforce those standards," Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger said.

The long-threatened legal action follows a 2005 California law requiring new vehicles to meet tighter standards for emissions, starting with 2009 models introduced next year.

California needs a waiver from the federal government because it is seeking to impose stricter standards than those imposed under federal law. The legal filing asks the court to force a EPA decision on the matter.

If the EPA denies the waiver, "we sue again, and sue again, and sue again until we get it," Schwarzenegger told reporters.

prying1 sez: "Me! Me! Me! Let me answer the Governator!"

Oh well. Guess Stephen L. Johnson, the Administrator of the EPA can't hear me in Washington since I'm way out here on the Left coast...

Here is my answer anyway.

I'd first of all like the people of California to recognize that their governor is acting outside of his field. He has been listening to people that have only told him one side of the issue. There is a multitude of Real Scientists, not the social engineering types or those dependent on government grants who disagree with the so called global warming issue. He needs to throw their voices into the mix before he spends your taxpayer dollars on lawyers.

The waiver is denied because those money grubbing, so called environmentalists (Let's do a study on where they get their pocket change) are attempting to pass rules that the automotive industry is not quite ready to meet. They will then demand the automotive industry pay fines for not meeting the said requirements. Then they will take the money and buy fancy cars that pollute. Fancy cars that the normal Californian cannot afford because of high taxes.

To hell with them. Let them go out and get a real job. The lawyers can go chase ambulances and the environmentalists can go plant a tree and hug it.

Thank you.

Nuff said!


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