Thursday, January 01, 2009

New Year Ramble

Happy New Year!

First blog post of the year.

Having the day off I decided I need to list more books on my website but got sidetracked.

Blog Talk Radio caught my attention with a Medallion Press Radio Show. Only caught the tail end live but had to go back and listen to the archives. Want to know about "bum glue" you have to listen to the Jan 1.2009 show. This is a radio show for readers and writers. Paul, the host and representative of the publishing houseMedallion Press, does a great job interviewing authors and should be used as an example for anyone thinking of using Blog Talk Radio for promoting their business. No matter the subject his style is a good example to learn from.

I signed up for a Twitter Account (prying1) and of course I have to see what the friends I'm following have to say, this, the first day of the year. I saw that Twitterer TribalRootz gave a link for a 'New' Marisa Bondy You Tube Video. Check her Winds of Liberty You Tube (link above) and also check the Marisa Bondy singing "Crazy" Video.

Then Stephen Dinkel comes on to Blog Talk Radio...

So much for listing books. It seems that the internet is a great place to make friends, get information, and spend a day not getting any work done. Well! It is a holiday...

On a more recent 'in the news issue':
I have noticed that concerning the Global Warming Crowd more of them are jumping off the 'Global Warming' Bandwagon and are climbing on the "Climate Change" Soapbox.

Once again Happy New Year!
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