Monday, January 12, 2009

Pro Terrorist or Pro Israel?

Last Saturday I had the privilege to attend a pro terrorist gathering at the Federal Building on Wilshire, Los Angeles. I say 'privilege' because in the United States even fools and idiots have the right to free speech and this was evident at the event.

No. I did not go to support the terrorists. I went to defend Israel. Ended up being part of a small group of about 24 pro Israel supporters standing against 1500 to 2000 pro terrorists. This was Saturday (the Jewish Sabbath). Sunday, (the Christian Sabbath) was the day for a Pro Israel RALLY (as opposed to protest) but I could not attend due to church obligations. Sure wish I could have. From the account by THE TYGRRRR EXPRESS, a blogger whom I had the privilege of meeting at this event, the Sunday meeting was the more enjoyable one. He got to attend both and gives a great posting on them. Real peace and love was more in evidence at the Pro Israel Rally. Although the pro terrorists had a few (profane) counter voices there too.

The Saturday protest was in favor of Hamas continuing to lob missiles into Israel and the usual communistic hangers on were there too. The Che Guevara, Fidel is our friend & Kiss Mao's butt crowd with their nonsensical agenda. Put on by some group that spent hours making an acronym of a good word for their own nefarious purpose. The ANSWER (Act Now to Stop War and End Racism) Coalition. How is that for a catchy name?

Only problem with that name is that it is not true. Should be ANSWEREAJ. (Act Now to Stop War and End Racism EXCEPT AGAINST JEWS)

One woman there had the audacity to suggest to a Jew's face that the 'ovens' should be brought back. Profanity was shouted and the middle finger salute were thrust out of car windows as they passed waving Palestinian flags at our little group that had Israeli and U.S. Flags and a few signs. Anger directed toward us from these people was tempered by the cars that came by honking, throwing kisses and waving support for Israel.

My signs stated, "Does Allah Demand Human Sacrifice???" and the other said, "The God Of Israel Doesn't!!!".

One Pro terrorist woman walking by read my sign and angrily said, "Yes he does!" That kind of made me think a bit. Would she prefer my throat spilling blood on the sidewalk? Sounded like it. I mentioned my sign in a chatroom later and a friend sent me to this Atlas Shrugs link. That answered both my questions.

So it comes down to: Does one want to associate with a people that hate America, hate a race of people (racism), is continually profane, has a god that endorses human sacrifice, and wants to destroy any anti socialistic nations?


Support a country that truly does want peace in their region but is getting fed up with missiles landing in their back yards.


As a Christian I'll support Israel!

May the True Living God bring them victory and that quickly.

More on this by others that were there can be found here: Many pics at this one.

and Doug of Political Pistachio was on the air via cell phone during the event:

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